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Tues 29th May...Tuesday 5th June.

-17 °C

Hi all, firstly thanks for all of your mails and updates.
Well to be corny "how time flies", with a blink 7 weeks have passed and we are into our last 14 sleeps...scary, but we are both looking forward to getting home and into routines. ( Pigs !!).
Lets get the important things out of the way, I hear that the Crows lost to Melb (who have not won a game all year)...!!!!!!
Yes I know that the Power lost as well, but it's all part of the plan (I hope).
Our exit from Dublin went very smoothly until we passed through the security scanners etc. Saddam Sandra had forgotten some "items" that she had left in our carry-on luggage. Need I say more than, a few anxious moments were experienced, but overall the security personnel were very understanding and assisted us to reach a mutual resolution. (Sandra will advise upon her return).
Our plane trip was OK and tail winds shortened travel time by an hour. No individual TV`s and the meal was just OK..!, had to buy drinks..!!
Upon arrival we seemlessly secured a "shuttle" for $17 each, far cheaper than leaving London. Traffic and two other dropoffs, saw a journey of 1.5 hrs, but it would have taken me three days to navigate.
Our hotel is in a magnificent location in 32nd st. just off 6th ave. The street has many Korean Rest's, so is known as "Little Korea". The view from our window is the Empire State Building which is in the next block. After dropping luggage we headed off to Times Square and to feel this wonderful city. We had a drink at an outdoor bar, and dinner at another to end the day.
Wed 30th. Given our location is half way between uptown and downtown, we decided to walk downtown to "Battery Park" to catch a ferry to The Statue of Liberty. On the way we zig zagged and discovered Greenwich Village, SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown. What an amazing city, such diversification to the max. On the way we visited 911 (ground Zero), St Pauls church, which was the central support area post t`strike. They have on display many items giving a vivid picture of the impact that was felt at the time, and the bonding of all to the one cause. At the 911 site, a display of children's messages re lost fathers, mothers, relatives, friends brought home the reality/impact of the real loss.
Access to the statue was unavailable, so we settled for a cruise around the island and harbour, which was very enjoyable and many photo`s taken.
On our journey back, we located a restaurant run by two Aussie`s, called 8 Mile Creek. We enjoyed one of our best meals in their outdoor area, then walked back to 32nd street. (I think its about 3miles eachway, so a big walk (especially for those of us with shorter legs).
Thursday 31st. Crossed the road and went to the top of the Empire State Building. For those of you who have been there, you know just how breathtaking the view is. We were lucky as not many tourists there when we arrived, but by hell there were a few when we left..!!!!
Next H-O-H-O (Hop-on-hop-off), good value as there are 4 tours, Uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, and a night (lights) tour. We elected for the downtown first. It covered where we had walked the day before, so we were re-assured that we did well the day before. Upon return we joined the queue for half priced theatre tickets. It took an hour, but two shows for the price of one was well worth it. San wanted to see the "Pirate Queen" produced by the same people as Riverdance, so I elected for a laugh and went to see "Spamalot"... a Monty Python musical. (Bloody hysterical). We ate at Hard Rock Cafe then separated for our shows which both started at the same time and were only two blocks away from each other. Another great day.
Friday 1st. Decided to finish HOHO as only good for 48 hours. Took the downtown again , leaving at Wall Street, then walked to Pier 17.
We then joined the Brooklyn tour which lasted 90 minutes, nothing spectacular, just as I expected. We were given the opportunity to walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge, ie Brooklyn to Manhattan. Again great for those of us with longer legs!!!
Next was the "uptown tour" past Central Park etc. I dont think I could afford a front door let alone a one room apartment. We had dinner, then joined a "night tour" to cover the city lights, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. V` enjoyable, but we were hearing the same commentary, and the request for tips was driving us mad, after spending most of the day on HOHO.
Sat 2nd. Time out to ring the girls and get a verbal update of the state of the nation at home. Afterwards we set off for the Central Station and Rockefeller Centre & St Paul's Cathedral (I think that I am over churches for awhile). We enjoyed the artwork at the RC, and then decided to take a Horse & Carriage ride through Central Park. A great way to spend time looking at the lush growth, water ways, and most of all the people who obviously enjoy getting out into the park. No wonder as most of the city is concrete.
We again walked back, and dined in one of the "Little Korean" Restaurants in our street. We had Beef/Squid/Vegs BBQ`d at our table, a most enjoyable culinary experience.
Today 3rd. Domestic day. We set off to locate a laundramat, and luckily found one only two blocks away on 30th between 5th and 6th ave. The next best thing is that washing/powder/drying a reasonable amt was about $8-00. (Bargain Joyce !!).
Next it was assisting Imelda when she hit Macey`s. (No more to be said, but the cc took a battering).
When we emerged, it had been raining, and as I finish off it is still raining, memories of London, although every day until today has been close to 30. Due to the rain and our enjoyable dinner last night we again hit "little Korea" tonight, this time enjoying Dumplings (Pork/Seafood/Veg`s) and Pad Thai washed down with the only "red" that they sold, an enjoyable Merlot from Australia.
We selected this rest, as they make all of the dumplings at the front and we have observed with curiosity for a number of days.
Tomorrow we are again off to "Battery Park"...(walking.??) to get a ferry to Ellis Island to view the Immigration Museum, then we will try to cover what we have forgotten before we fly out to Las Vegas early on Tuesday.
Trust all is well with everyone, we will update again in LV. Thanks again for your comments. By the way San (Imelda) is next door reading her book !!!!! Cheers from the Big "A".

Posted by sparscott 18:32

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Well I guess by now you are in Las Vegas. It is Sunday 10th June in Ozzie land - have to work tomorrow, Monday, even though it is Queen's Birthday long weekend!!. Never mind only 1 more week to go - then I am taking 2 weeks leave until the end of June. Will start my new job beginning of July. All those yummy brekkies you keep talking about - if it weren't for the amount of walking you are doing I am sure you would be house size when you get back. Not much other news here - tried to ring the girls last night but no answer. Sarah Jane did call back & left a message as I was out so will call them again later tonight. Only 1 more week and you will be home again - won't that be a culture shock!!. Love Sue

by Sue McL

NY sounds great. all the travelling I did, never got there. will have to try to get there in the future if I ever travel again. had lunch today at Sue's, dad was also there. nothing much happening here same old work etc. love reading your travel diary, keep it up. both Port & crows lost this weekend. crows by about 7 pts don't know how much port was beaten by but I think it was a lot. were beaten by carlton! just thought I would throw that in Phil. by the way it is Imelda not Amelda. did sandy get some jeans made for her in london? look forward to hearing about Vegas. love Jeeps. xxx

by jeepsc

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